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Hey CADdikts

My name is R. Khouri, a CAD engineer, CAD Manager, Developer, Authorized Autodesk Author, a Corporate Trainer and Instructor,… a 100% CADdikt 🙂!autodesk developer khouri rachid

My CAD career began in 1992 using AutoCAD version 10. I was able to work for several companies and design offices as a draftsman, CAD manager of design offices, and as a developer of CAD applications and software. In 1999, I was able to share my experience and expertise by opening a school in Quebec (Canada) to provide training for students and professionals on Autodesk softwares (AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, 3D Max, and 3D Max Design…).
In 2006, I launched online AutoCAD courses that were delivered to several hundred beginner and professional users in different countries around the world.

Having acquired +30 years of experience as a trainer and developer on AutoCAD, and noticing a lack of a proper “Portal” that could be THE site to consult for various questions about CAD software in general and AutoCAD in particular, and everything related to the world of CAD and online training, I had the idea to create this project, dear to me, a project that had been forming in my head for several years: CADdikt.com, a site rich in information about everything related to CAD software and especially our “beloved” AutoCAD.

On this site, you will find answers to your questions, tutorials, Q&As for job interviews, quizzes, CAD glossaries, free training, and for ‘download enthusiasts’, you have an entire section to download manuals, blocks, hatches, AutoLISP routines, various PDFs, as well as CAD software, all for free.

Welcome to my world 🙂

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